American DV lottery registration for 2024 opens !

Registration deadline for the DV-2024-2024 green card lottery

American DV lottery registration for 2024 opens ! Provoke your destiny and gain the right to reside in the United States, it is possible thanks to the green card lottery. It’s your turn to play from October 5, 2024 and until November 8, 2024, for the 2024-2024 lottery!

Each year, 55,000 lucky ones are drawn from among some 13 million participants.

Registration for the Green Card Lottery is done online, and takes place throughout October, each year.

Registrations for the 2024 green card lottery open from October 5, 2024 until November 8, 2024.

Practical information

See all registration instructions on Travel.state.gov

How to apply for the DV-2024/2024 lottery? How much does it cost?

Participation in the lottery is completely free, so you will have to pay $ 0 to participate and try your luck.

This is done online by filling out a simple form and voila. However, one of the important and crucial information to provide in the registration form is the photo.

The photo in the registration form plays a very important role and, if it does not correspond to what is needed, may cause us not to be selected in the draw. To participate, follow these steps:

  1. First, read the whole document [PDF] and understand it well. It contains the general instructions for the competition.
  2. Read these instructions on how your photo should look, as this is the most important step among many.
  3. And finally, use this tool to resize your photo comfortably according to expectations.
  4. Go to https://dvprogram.state.gov/
  5. Click on the start entry (the button will be available as soon as the expected date is reached)

Eligibility conditions to participate in the American Lottery 2024-2024

  • The DV Lottery is open to natives of countries that have historically low immigration rates to the United States. People from countries with high U.S. immigration rates are not eligible to enroll.
  • This year, people born in the following countries are not eligible: Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (including Hong Kong SAR), Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories, and Vietnam.
  • People born in Macao SAR, Cameroon and Taiwan can participate.
  • Those who cannot enroll because their country of birth is excluded may be eligible through a spouse born in an eligible country or, in certain circumstances, through the country of birth of a parent.
  • Applicants must have a high school diploma (or equivalent) or at least two years of qualifying work experience, for those without a diploma.

How do I know if I have been selected for the 2024 American Lottery?

The State Department chooses lottery winners by computer random selection. Results will be published from May 6, 2024 on the official DV Lottery Entry Status website.

Foreign nationals can find out if they have been selected only by visiting the official DV website and entering their confirmation number. The State Department does not notify participants by letter, email, fax, or phone. The official website is the only legitimate source of lottery results.

Constitution of the file: What are the documents required to play the American Lottery?

Before committing to play the American Lottery, you should make sure that you have the following required documents available:

  • A valid passport or CNI
  • At least a Secondary Studies Diploma (GCE A Level) or greater
  • Proof of professional experience for those who do not have a diploma


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American DV lottery registration for 2024 opens !

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