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Call for external applications – Job: Accountant at BICEC Bank Cameroon

Call for external applications – Job: Accountant at BICEC Bank Cameroon. To be able to apply for a job at BICEC, certain prerequisites must be met. The selected applicants will have the following role:

  • Ensure accounting production;
  • Take charge of tax and social declarations;
  • Participate in the development and monitoring of budgets, medium-term plans and cash flow plans;
  • Monitor internal and bank accounts;
  • Ensure payroll management;
  • Carry out the monthly and annual accounts;
  • Prepare end-of-period summary statements;
  • Participate in the definition of accounting policies;
  • Develop accounting procedures in collaboration with the head of internal control;
  • Carry out ad hoc missions entrusted by the hierarchy;
  • Location: Douala, Littoral
  • Contract type: CDI
  •  Nature: Full-time
  • Title of the function: ACCOUNTANT
  • Job type: Permanent
  • Industry: Financial Market
  • Company: Upline Securities Central Africa

Call for external applications – Job: Accountant at BICEC Bank CameroonMain activities

  • Write the procedures and operating guides that frame the accounting activity of the Broker.
  • Record in the wise accounting management tool, purchases and sales of goods and services, as well as the related cash flows.
  • Record in the wise accounting management tool, the purchase operations of investment goods, the corresponding cash flows and ensure the follow-up of depreciation and provisions in the case of financial fixed assets.
  • Determine the monthly turnover, evaluate and post the deposit on the income to be declared to the tax authorities.
  • Perform the extraction in the accounting management tool of VAT accounts in order to determine the VAT due.
  • Determine from the summary statements of the monthly payment the personal income tax, as well as the employer contributions.
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  • Tele-declare the monthly tax charges, and ensure the follow-up of the payment.
  • Monitor and ensure the remote declaration of registration fees for professional leases and proceed to payment to the tax authorities.
  • Determine and ensure the remote declaration of the annual license, and ensure the timely payment to the tax authorities.
  • Establish the DSF and ensure the follow-up of the payment of the IS balance with the tax authorities.
  • Update in the Delta RH USCA payroll management tool before the start of the payroll calculation, the payroll calendar, the fixed payroll elements, the variable payroll elements (leave, illness, etc. ).
  • Start the payroll calculation in the tool.
  • Control the different payroll sections.

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  • Establish payroll summary statements for the determination of tax and social charges related to payroll.
  • Edit payslips to be distributed to staff after validation of payroll statements and payment of staff salaries by General Management.
  • Proceed with the payroll accounting in the wise accounting management tool.
  • From the payroll summary, determine, report back, and ensure the follow-up of the payment of CNPS social security charges on time (employee shares and employer shares).
  • Determine from payroll statements and monitor the payment of other social charges (staff mutual, solidarity fund, medical evacuation), and even the supplementary retirement contribution.
  • At the start of the year, check with the insurer for the evaluation of IFC and death provident insurance policies and monitor the regulations.
  • Establish financial statements and accompanying notes (monthly, quarterly annual).
  • Actively participate in the audit of accounts, tax and social controls to which the company is subject.
  • Participate in the preparation of budgets, monitoring the execution of the medium-term plan as well as the cash flow plan.
  • Establish a dashboard for monitoring the company’s cash receipts (products) and disbursements (expenses), and set up key indicators to analyze and anticipate changes in cash flow.
  • Perform monthly reconciliation of cash accounts.

One-off (or) eventual


What other activities can he do on an ad-hoc basis?

  • Participate in the preparation of the annual management report;
  • Make reports at the request of general management, the group or the shareholders;
  • All other activities are entrusted by General Management.

Success indicators

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What results are expected from him? What indicators justify effective job performance?

  • A number of procedures and operating guides are written.
  • Quality of financial and accounting information and deadlines for feedback to the group and to governance bodies.
  • Rate of justification, documentation and monitoring of accounts.
  • Reporting deadlines and monitoring of monthly tax and social security payments.
  • Deadlines for transmitting documents to governance bodies, auditors, internal control, tax authorities, etc.
  • Deadlines for taking charge of specific assignments.
  • Quality of the annual accounts and financial statements and accompanying notes produced.
  • Deadlines for establishing the DSF, its remote declaration, and the payment of the balance of corporate tax.
  • Compliance with SYSCOHADA accounting principles, the General Tax Code, BEAC regulatory texts, and all regulatory texts to which the company is subject.

Profile of the holder

Initial and/or professional training
University degree BAC + 4/5 in Financial Accounting, or Audit and management control

Professional experience
– Experience of at least 5 years as an accountant or management controller, in this case in the financial market or in banking
Knowledge of market activities would be highly appreciated


  • Mastery of SYSCOHADA accounting principles and OHADA accounting law
  • Mastery of the Sage accounting management tool
  • Mastery of valuation and analysis techniques for intermediate management balances
  • Mastery of the preparation of financial statements and accompanying notes, and of DSF
  • Proficiency in the Microsoft Office suite
  • Proficiency in drawing up dashboards, budgets, cash flow plans, and medium-term plans
  • Knowledge of project management


  • Ability to analyze and synthesize;
  • Risk culture;
  • Great writing skills;
  • Ability to manage time well and meet deadlines;
  • Ability to seek information and update knowledge;
  • Ability to work in a team;
  • Fluency in English would be a plus.

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  • Be rigorous and organized;
  • Be comfortable with numbers;
  • Have a great sense of autonomy;
  • Have a spirit of initiative, be a force for proposals and cultivate versatility;
  • Demonstrate curiosity and critical thinking;
  • Have a strong sense of confidentiality;
  • Demonstrate good conduct, ethics and integrity;
  • Have a great listening capacity and proven interpersonal skills.
  • Be at ease in writing and speaking;
  • Being able to work under pressure.

Call for external applications – Job: Accountant at BICEC Bank Cameroon – How to Apply ?

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Call for external applications – Job: Accountant at BICEC Bank Cameroon

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